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The QRC's student staff members work hard every semester to hold a number of fantastic programs in addition to co-sponsoring many other events with various organizations on the campuses of each participating school. They are trained to provide support and informed guidance on a variety of queer-related issues. Graduating LGBTQ students can also participate in the Lavender Graduation, an annual celebration that recognizes their scholarship and community contributions. Students can join the Lavender Leadership Honor Society, an initiative that is advised by a student board which celebrates and develops leadership for LGBTQ social justice.

Just like at other LGBTQ friendly colleges, students have access to a variety of specialized internships, scholarships, and awards. There are also a variety of academic programs that celebrate LGBTQ issues in their curricula, including women's gender and sexuality studies and Latin studies. The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center GSRC specifically emphasizes transgender advocacy and offers a variety of resources on its website, including a general FAQ page about transgender topics, a copy of the school's non-discrimination policy, and a resource guide about transitioning at Williams.

As a result, the GSRC provides information on healthy sex practices, how to navigate online learning, and surviving sexual assault. UCLA is home to a spectacular array of over 20 LGBTQ student organizations that offer support and services to people from a variety of diverse backgrounds. UCLA places special attention on the transgender community and includes medical and mental health services specifically for transgender students.


The wide variety of student organizations at Cornell makes it one of the best colleges for LGBTQ students in the country. Cornell also has gender inclusive housing options for undergraduate students. Students can also pursue an undergraduate minor or graduate certificate in LGBT studies. The ceremony celebrates the achievements of LGBTQ students and also provides awards to faculty, staff, or administrators who have enhanced the campus climate for the queer community.

The Pride Center also provides links to the President's Advisory Committee on Equality, SDSU's chief diversity office, and a campus map that outlines all of the school's gender neutral restrooms. As a result, the GSRC's website has links to a variety of resources that are useful for students who are exploring or affirming their gender identity. Macalester is also home to the Allies Project , a project tasked with creating a group of staff, students, and faculty who are all committed to creating safer and more supportive environments for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, or any other label.

Like other LGBTQ colleges, Macalester has all-gender campus housing options and a variety of all-gender restrooms on its main campus. LGBTQ Columbia , which is run by the school's department of multicultural affairs, is responsible for ensuring that all student concerns related to LGBTQ issues are heard and acted upon. The school has a Trans Columbia page that includes information about the administration's "preferred name" policy, all-gender housing options, and physical and mental health services that are available on-campus.

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The Office of Student Life's Multicultural Center oversees a wide variety of LGBTQ initiatives that were created with the goal of inspiring reflective thought and increasing awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity. Coming Out for Racial Equity as well as a variety of individual groups for different subsections of students, like first-year, spiritual, students of color, and LGBTQ students and allies. Minnesota's Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life is a one-stop shop for accessing information on the school's many LGBTQ education and training programs, resources, academic programs, and more.

This retreat takes place over two days and provides undergraduates with the opportunity to build community while exploring intersecting identities and how they are oppressed. Like most LGBTQ friendly schools, Minnesota also offers a mentor program for LGBTQ students who want assistance with adjusting to the school's culture and navigating their gender identity or sexual orientation within a specific academic field or career path.

This mentor program offers rolling admission. The school's LUally training program incorporates much of the same content that is included in Safe Zone, but it is supplemented by additional skills-based activities that are customized each time based on the audience. The Pride Center also includes a page that provides resources to transgender, gender questioning, and gender nonconforming students.

These resources include information about name and gender changes at the school, health and wellness resources that are available on-campus, all-gender housing options, and trans-friendly fraternities, sororities, and religious organizations.

Being Gay In College

Lehigh is in the process of creating a Pride Center Library. LGBTQ students have access to sexuality, women, and gender advising services, trans community resources, and more. Dartmouth is one of the best colleges for LGBTQ students in part because of its wide variety of specialized internships, professional organizations, and scholarships.

These initiatives are designed to create inclusive communities around gender, sexuality, and intersections of identity.

Everyone Thinks I’m Gay (But I’m Not) – The Bold Italic

The GLC website hosts information on a variety of LGBTQ-related events, ally trainings, gender-based violence prevention techniques, and identity weeks that occur throughout the year. This alumni network advocates on behalf of LGBTQIA alumni by building partnerships and promoting the school's commitment to an inclusive and respectful community. The MRC offers a variety of programs and support services for all underrepresented students, including over events each year. There are two flagship programs at the MRC: My Name is My Own is tasked with providing institutional support to Oberlin communities that identify as queer and of color.

The Indigenous Women's Series is a series of talks hosted each year by the MRC that raises awareness and support for indigenous issues in the school's curricula and within the campus community.

Everyone Thinks I’m Gay (But I’m Not)

There are also a number of student initiatives, including the Committee on Privilege and Oppression, the Oberlin Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and an experimental college course on anti-racist organizing and white privilege. The SJE provides educational and social programs, leadership development, and policy consultation for LGBTQ and ally students, as well as faculty, staff, and community members. Rutgers boasts 12 different campus organizations and clubs that are dedicated to minority groups, people of various identities, and many different fields of study.

Rutgers also has a section of their website dedicated to transgender and gender nonconforming students known as Trans RU. Through Trans RU, students can access a complete map of all single-use restrooms on campus, as well as information on all-gender housing options, campus healthcare, and how to legally change your name in New Jersey.

Indiana is one of the best colleges for LGBTQ students because it goes to great lengths to create a safe campus for these students. Students at UC Davis can enroll in academic programs on sexuality studies or gender, sexuality, and women's studies.

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The school's Bi Visibility Project raises awareness around the nuances and politics of individuals who are bisexual, trisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, or other unlabeled sexualities and how they intersect with other identities. The LGBTQIA Resource Center also includes links to ally training programs, a list of staff and faculty members who are out, and places to report hate and bias incidents. The website includes recommendations for reading materials, an online campus map of all gender-inclusive bathrooms, and a link to a guide for coming out as asexual. During this retreat, students explore leadership and identity while learning about the different experiences within the community.

Washington University is truly one of the best colleges for LGBTQ students, as it is one of only a few schools to receive a 5 out of 5 stars from the Campus Climate Equality index. The LGBT Resource Center website includes information on scholarships, on-campus housing, gender-neutral bathrooms, and study abroad resources. There is also an education section of the website that includes foundational information on LGBTQIA terminology, an overview of transgender and intersex identities, a primer on biphobia, and a useful hierarchy of oppressions.

Unlike many LGBTQ friendly schools, Davidson maintains a robust career development resources page that includes information on rights in the workplace, job search tools, industry resources, and tips for assessing employers. A Gallup poll found that 4. The representation was even higher in Millennials or adults born in or later; 7. Many of the country's colleges and universities have taken measures to ensure that LGBTQ students feel safe and respected. However, some widespread problems persist. There are many important considerations students face when it comes to choosing the best college or university for them.

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These include the cost of tuition and housing, available financial aid, academic reputation, and campus size. Additionally, LGBTQ students are encouraged to research different schools based on the following criteria:. Virtually every campus in the country has strict rules regarding the harassment and abuse of other students, but these policies should clearly outline two factors: To mitigate this, Campus Pride reports that colleges and universities currently offer 'gender-inclusive housing', which enables any student to have a roommate of either gender.

Furthermore, students may feel more comfortable at schools that openly support LGBTQ students in their housing information materials. According to Campus Pride, 1, postsecondary institutions in the U. Counseling and Mental Health Opportunities: In addition to organizations and policies that strive to create an inclusive atmosphere for LGBTQ students, many colleges and universities currently offer counseling options aimed at these individuals. Before attending a college or university in the U. The following three acts have been passed within the last decade in order to provide more protection and advocacy for all LGBTQ individuals, including college students.

Hate Crimes Prevention Act was passed in The act was named for two hate crime victims: The act provides more leeway for federal law enforcement officials to investigate crimes that local authorities have dismissed or closed, allocates funding to aid the prosecution of hate crime perpetrators, and requires the FBI to maintain statistics regarding hate crime incidence rates for different vulnerable groups.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of explicitly prohibits sex-based discrimination of any individual attending a federally funded educational program. These programs include public colleges and universities, as well as elementary and secondary schools and vocational training programs offered by individuals or organizations that receive federal financial assistance. This law does not extend to private undergraduate colleges or private schools that are controlled by religious organizations.

How to Choose an LGBTQ-Friendly College

In addition to federal measures like the two listed above, many anti-discrimination laws exist at the state level. As for the stereotype when you get here people look around and think of people as being "ghetto.

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And by all means this sterotype is very wrong. Since our main population is women, many people who do not go to Texas Woman's University assume we have a lot of Lesbians. They assume most girls are lesbians and assume the guys who go here must be gay. This stereotype is definitely not true. TWU has a wide variety of people and sexual preferences are also varies.

The population of male students is increasing every year, and I can guarantee that just because a guy goes to school at TWU, it does not mean he's gay. Some of the common stereotypes of the students that go to Texas Woman's University are lazy students and lesbians. Even though these stereotypes are accurate to a sense; the overall population of the university is not this way. There is a small percentage of both kinds of parties, but the overall sense of the students at Texas Woman's University is: The stereotypes of TWU is that all the students are female.

However, this isn't true, a lot of guys go here.

Another stereotype is that a lot of the students are black, however there is a great mix of races in this school.