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I took that to mean regardless of the situation.


It means that people are paying for the content and then giving it away for others to download for free. They were highly educated, sophisticated companions. So making money is more important than risking the well-being of other people? Time for you to head for Seminary, Preacher-Boys. Latest on Queerty.

Austin cannot be so naive as to believe that? I find it hard to believe that with all the various hook-up sites, someone would pay an escort to loose their virginity to. First time hiring a escort yes. And I lied about being a virgin 5 yrs after I had my cherry popped. Austin Wilde is so adorable and has a unique job and an honest, smart take on it.

All of you bitches on here making fun of him are just sad. You actually take the time to write mean things about someone, putting down his sexuality? I hope it make you feel better about yourselves, miserable people with boring jobs posting mean comments in the middle of the day from your flat-assed cubicle prisons. A Unique Job?!?!?!? Well done. Award-winning rentboy! That gave me a chuckle. Was it the Nobel or merely the Pulitzer?

Seems pretty uppity for a whore.

I hope his body holds out another 10 years since he probably has no other skills. If having unprotected sex is a personal decision then how come he thinks he has the right to make it for someone else!?! In my experience, men that totally are into virgins are normally pretty damn lousy in bed. He might look good on camera which is farm from real sex , but I think the real reason he wants all these virgins is that they have nothing to compare him too.

Overgeneralize much? I wonder if you will be so quick to crawl up his arse then. I think the most difficult to believe thing here is that someone would actually pay for him to top them. This bitch screams bottom queen louder than Proud Mary. And thanks to Cam: Wow, a lot of unnecessary nastiness in here. You queens are consuming all this porn yet you have the nerve to look down on the people who make it?

LOL… I did. W, but I do think he is distinctly yummie.

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On the other hand, I have a friend that Austin has fucked raw and bred many times, so in his personal life Austin does things his own way. This guy is such a fucking joke…. He sure didnt have an issue fucking my bf raw, not once, but twice. I called him out on his slut shaming once on his twitter and magically I was deleted.

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Tackle Slapping a client who suggests bareback sex is being over dramatic. Caine LOVE it when hookers try to tell the rest of the world what to do in bed. Strongly agree. Hey Austin, save it for the set. At least that what it looks like from the outside. I suppose all the guys involved might have made some secret agreement.

They willfully and voluntarily engage in these shameful and disgusting behaviors with him. That just shows how little self-esteem and self-respect that are in them and how little regard they have for their employers and for their profession. There is no production company involved. The new trend is homemade videos done by porn stars and viewable for a monthly subscription price and teased on twitter — just another thing besides rampant copyright infringement that is going to put actual pro porn companies outta business.

It means that people are paying for the content and then giving it away for others to download for free. This was set up from the get go. If the Guy did not wear The Delta Uniform there is a good chance he would not have been caught of Fired.

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HereIAm — Let me guess. You are one of those guys on Grindr that shows his Abs but is too scared to ever meet anyone so you sit at home and have sex with your phone? HereIAm There you go. He has a shame fetish, preferably likes to be covered in human waste and spat on!

I think Austin sends the wrong message to young people. He should come clean about STDs. There is no way he is having that much bareback sex without at least catching HS2V, gonorrhea, syphilis. Is that the kind of disgusting sex he is into? What has got into him that caused to self destruct his life so tragically? Does he have no self love for himself?

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We can laugh, insult, and make fun of Austin all we want. But the dude is laughing all the way to the bank.

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This one will go on his only fans page as well. Do the math. He maybe ugly. He maybe fodder to be made fun of. So making money is more important than risking the well-being of other people?

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You sound like the shithead who is Austin Wolfe. Go play with your Barbies. It seems. Austin is a sleaze who can only get talked about when he is having sex.